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Turnerova chata

Turnerova chata - current look The one and only chalet in the first zone of the nature conservation in the National Park Šumava. Located at the crossing of the Nature Trail Povydří by the wild Vydra river galloping down to Čeňkova Pila. Visit this unique chalet, often nicknamed “Turnerka”, to breathe fresh air and enjoy one of the most beautiful places of the Šumava mountains. Expect a charming wooden chalet with bar, restaurant and summer terrace, cheerful staff, traditional local food, great Czech beer on tap and romantic atmosphere by the fireplace.

Turnerova chata is the perfect holiday destination for couples and groups looking to escape the hustle and bustle to relax and enjoy some quality time together. An ideal place for cross-country skiing in the winter and perfect for cycling, hiking and picking mushrooms in the summer. A quiet oasis in the spring and in the autumn.

Please notice that picking mushrooms and riding bicycles are not permitted in the first zone of the Šumava nature conservation.

Interior panoramic view

Interior panoramic view © www.p3.cz

There are four rooms available:

  • Two double rooms without accessories (there are WC and shower in the hall)
  • One double room with an extra bed option without accessories (there are WC and shower in the hall)
  • One double room with an extra bed option and accessories

All rooms are equipped with a sink with warm and cold water.  Rooms without accessories use shared toilets and showers.

Restaurant in Turnerova chata You can choose Bed & Breakfast or pick your meals from the menu. The restaurant is open daily from 10.00 to 19.00. Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen, Klostermann, Velvet and Hoegaarden beers on tap.

Children just love to watch the river otter — one of the most playful mammals. We keep the river otter in Turnerova chata over the whole summer.

Dried mushrooms of ŠumavaOur dried mushroom products were certified as original product of ŠUMAVA.



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Gastrofin, s.r.o., Železná Ruda 437, 340 04 Železná Ruda
Registration ID: 03992284

Post address:

Turnerova chata
341 93 Rejštejn

Phone: 00 420 702 117 283, 00 420 376 599 234

E-mail: info@turnerovachata.cz



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